Music Lessons

30 Min or 1 Hour Lessons
Private Lessons One on One
Able to Perform in Showcase Events, Bands and other Performance Opportunities
ROCKSCHOOL Accredited Music Training Courses
Vocal Art Studios® also offers classes in Songwriting.



Vocal Art Studios® offers Music Tuition in the following:



Music Theory

All music lessons run for 30 mins in a private and relaxed environment.

All music lessons are catered to your needs; from personal enjoyment, to accompanying singing, playing in a band, composing music or doing exams.

We cater for Contemporary/ Popular music and Classical Styles and Students cover Pop, Folk, Blues, Jazz & Rock.

Concerts will be held throughout the year to develop performance skills.

Exams can also be sat each year with the No.1 Contemporary Music Syllabus in the world ROCKSCHOOL. This is an optional but rewarding experience for those who undertake it.

Studying for a Music Exam? Want to Sight Read or Improve your general theory skills? We can help!


Our Teachers can Train Beginners through to Advanced in any areas of Music Theory. This can be done via Private Theory lessons, Group Classes or incorporated into their Private Lessons (Vocal or Instrumental).