Ideal for Student's in their Teens or Adults.

Assistance with Tertiary Study or specialized High School Music Programs

Enter Major Songwriting Competitions

Assistance with Record Company Development Deals, Publishing and Independent Release
Gain Recording Experience
Co-write with other Student's and Producer's



We encourage Students to compose their own original material in the style of their choice and can help with Lyric Construction, Melody Lines & Chord Progressions & how to structure a song. 

You don't need to know how to play an instrument to write a great tune!

With recording facilities in house, we also can assist with Production & all-round Studio Experience.

Student tracks have been released on iTunes as well as performed around the world live, and heard across radio in Australia on major stations.

Many of our Past and Present students have won major Songwriting Competitions across Australia including Open and Youth categories at the Australian Songwriters Association Competition, Finalists in the ISC International Songwriting Competition and many other platforms. Our students have also featured in the ARIA charts.

We are also proud that a few of our students have signed recording deals with major labels in Australia and America which has included their original material written with us being heard as part of that process.